Name Bo Wang <for online I use "Bosink">
Gender Male <for online I use "Female"> :) Just kidding.
Date of birth September 7, 1983 I wrote it done here incase I forgot.
ICQ# 123756100
Fav. artist Joe Mad, Capcom artists, Jim Lee, Adam Warrane, and others can't remember their names. "Sorry, pals."
Fav. Anime Street fighters II, Tekken, DBZ, Gundam Wing, Night Warriors:Dark Stalker, Fatal Fury, etc.
Fav. Movie Mission: Impossible II, Kiss of the dragon, Street fighters, Gladiator, The Matrix, Rush Hour I & II.
Fav. Games Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10; I am a big Squaresoft's fan, so almost every game they made, I like it, the graphic are the coolest. Tekken Tag, HL: Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament, Street Fighters EX series, Capcom's games, Resident Evil series, Westwood games, Diablo series, Warcraft III, Dead or Alive II, etc.
Goal ...zzz...get a girl, and to be a comic artist, well, at least a artist.
Habbits Drawing, playing video games, catch movies, and hanging around.