Oekaki BBS

!!Please read the rules before you enter the board!!

Please don't use Oakaki as a chat, you can use formu to do that, and that's why it's here.
Please don't hit the Refresh button while your on the board, that will make your mssg turn up twice, instead, click on the "Sort by date of doodle" or "Sort by date of comments" buttons.
Be nice when commenting others' works, don't say, "ah, you suck" instead use "I think it's not bad, maybe you could try to add some highlight on the little source area".
No perverse is allow here, there is a differece between perverse and artistic!
Leave your name and email/web space when you draw a picture. Pictures that have no comment by their creator will be deleted.
Do not post suicide/drama pics on oekaki.
Thanks for your time reading all this, now have fun!
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