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    Tablet sketch, look fine to me.
Current News 8/20/01
I did a bounch of sketches with my tablet on the software called Metacreation Painter Classic, and it's really good, besides a bit old, well still good, and the lines look really neat, if you haven't see it, go check out in Gallery section sketches, it's like 10 of them there. Enjoy!

Updated 8/16/01
Think everyone have noticed, I've changed my website layout once again, and reason is the same, didn't like the last one. Well so I hope this is the last one I am going to make for this year, the updates will be posted on the leftsite of this page as you see, and if you come to this site often enough, you will notice there will be more update post on, 'cause I spent most time drawing then making website now.

•Update 8/10/01

New website first update, I find that some people looking for my new CG, well now it is uploaded, and in gallery section, and wonderful news, I changed the Guestbook to a Forume, a really nice forume, and you could post your art, and anything in there, also there is a section called Questions for the Admin. it's works as a Guestbook, so if you feel like to sign a Guestbook then put in there, the only thing I don't like it is the two pop ups, I have to host it at hypermart.net, cause here is the only place I could use CGI script, and works, if you now any place better, please, please be sure to tell me. And you have to become a member to be able to post your massage. But it's really easy.
Updates: -one CG, -new sketch, -one new RA2 wallpaper Design, -and a live Forume.

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